Modern Love Photography is a luxury boutique studio dedicated to creating gorgeous imagery for modern lovers. Our fine art photography is inspired by the intimacy and passion of the couples we work with. We capture and document this sacred time in your life with all of the beauty, grace and style that is befitting of such a momentous occasion. With 5 wedding photography packages to choose from, we are certain that you will find exactly what you need at Modern Love Photography.

We embrace a modern style of imagery that is inspired by the magnificence of devotion, the allure of cool styled elegance and blended with our own brand of photojournalism portrayed by the spontaneous and decorous in order to deliver a curated collection of images and fine print goods for our lovely clients.

We're honored to be considered as someone who will capture one of the most important days of your life. This is an awesome responsibility and we treat it as such. This isn't business as usual; this is a sacred event that we have been entrusted to document.

We commit to you our full effort, energy and love in documenting your story, and in developing a relationship with you that allows us to capture images that are beautiful, vulnerable and honest. Images that will, for the rest of your life, remind you of this time. Your story will be told with style, grace, beauty and passion.

It is not only our job, but it is our great pleasure to have the honor and privilege of working with you to tell your LOVE STORY.

what we suggest

For a successful, stress-free city hall wedding, we have the following tips

  • Have professional hair styling and makeup application for your San Francisco City Hall Wedding. Your wedding photos will be your lasting memories of the day and an investment for future generations. It is a great idea to have a professional who is trained in makeup for photography help you look your very best. We have an amazing team of artists here at Modern Love Photography. If you would like to book hair and makeup services onto your wedding day just let us know and we can get you our price sheet for hair and makeup.
  • Getting your marriage license on a different day! It can take up to 45 minutes to get your license, if done on the day of your ceremony, this can infringe on valuable time needed for beautiful photography.
  • If you are considering Modern Love Photography to document your wedding day, please contact us prior to setting up your appointment at San Francisco City Hall to confirm our availability.
  • Arrive at San Francisco City Hall for your wedding ceremony at least 20 minutes in advance. This way, you will be the first in
    the check-in line for the ceremony.
  • The best time for your San Francisco City Hall Wedding is early morning or around noon as San Francisco City Hall is less
    crowded during these times.
  • If you will be having guests join you for your City Hall Wedding, consider booking the 4th floor for your ceremony. It is well lit,
    much less crowded and provides for a beautiful intimate setting.
  • Traveling in from out of town, state or the country?  All you need is a valid ID or passports and we can be your witnesses if needed.
  • If San Francisco City Hall is fully booked for the date you want to be married, consider hiring an independent officiant.
    You can request that your interdependent officiant file paperwork on your behalf also.
  • You can make a reservation on the Mayor’s Balcony, located on the 4th floor of City Hall, it is gorgeous! You will need to contact
    the San Francisco City Hall Event Department.
  • San Francisco City Hall courthouse does not allow Civil Marriage Ceremony reservations beyond 90 days in advance, so those
    who are planning on popular days should reserve your ceremony time immediately 90 days prior.
  • If you are planning a dinner reception following your City Hall Wedding, we suggest holding your ceremony at 3:00PM.